The communications regulator has released a Directions Paper explaining how numbers could be used in the future. Little consideration has been given to how consumers will be affected, ignoring the important role numbering policy has to play in achieving availability, accessible and affordable services that enhances the welfare of all Australians.

Summary: The rules and procedures for numbering provides the foundations for a consumer to receive a quality service, yet the Directions Paper gives very little consideration of consumer concerns. The full submission outlines:

  • why ACCAN cannot support the direction of ‘broad-based numbering’ which will eventually merge currently separate number ranges, like mobile and geographic numbers, into one indistinguishable bundle of numbers.
  • that the Numbering Plan needs to protect the untimed local call obligation
  • that transferring detail from the Numbering Plan to industry managed codes and guidelines is unacceptable, as they lack the enforcement powers of the Numbering Plan.
  • that the decision to move services from the 12 range of numbers to 19, 13 and 18 numbers will have a positive impact on consumers and needs to occur as soon as practically possible. 

Submission to:Australian Communications and Media Authority

Status: Submitted

Download: Telephone Numbering - Future Directions [Word Document - 941 KB]

Download: Telephone Numbering - Future Directions [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 466.03 KB]