ACCAN has provided its comment in response to the Communication Alliance's release of the Draft Telecommunications Consumer Protection (TCP) Code.

Summary: This submission focuses on four areas. We analyse whether the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Reconnecting the Customer (the RTC) recommendations have been met in this draft Code. Of the five RTC recommendations relevant to the draft Code, ACCAN states that none have been implemented in full.

We also explore an alternative, holistic approach to a compliance framework which focuses on a simpler, more transparent and accountable suite of measures. We identify two outstanding consumer issues that remain problematic in the draft Code. Lastly, we summarise inconsistencies, inaccuracies, unenforceable provisions and other matters that relate to the way existing content has been drafted.

Submission to: Communications Alliance

Download: Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 479.25 KB]

Download: Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code [Word Document - 1.38 MB]