The improved measures in the draft Mobile Premium Services (MPS) Code are a step in the right direction for consumers but new Code rules are weakened by the Code’s weak approach to compliance monitoring and enforcement.

Summary: The draft MPS Code contains a number of significant new rules, for example measures to address advertising disclosures and the provision of a content supplier’s helpline number in MPS messages.

But the test as to whether a revised Code should be registered by the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) is not whether the Code has more rules or even a few better rules. Rather the test is whether the Code provides “appropriate community safeguards”. In this regard, ACCAN is not convinced the draft MPS Code is sufficiently developed to warrant registration.

Submission to: Communications Alliance

Status: Submitted

Download: ACCAN submission to MPS Code review 2011 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 376.74 KB]

Download: ACCAN submission to MPS Code review 2011 [Word Document - 237.5 KB]