ACCAN's submission to the Convergence Review highlights three key issues for reform: telecommunications co-regulation - also known as the smurfberry problem; moving from voice-centric to connectivity-centric regulation; and strengthening accessibility standards in broadcasting.

Summary:  ACCAN recognises that there are many public interest questions being considered by the Convergence Review. In this submission we have chosen to address three issues that are key to the consumer interest and where ACCAN has particular expertise. ACCAN calls for codes to be mandatory, and for the ACCC to take over the ACMA's consumer protection role. We also say convergence is the logical trigger for making better rules for TV program captioning.

Submission to: Department of Broadband Communications & the Digital Economy 

Status: Submitted

Download: CONVERGENCE_ACCAN.pdf [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 115.73 KB]

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