ACCAN broadly welcomes the draft recommendations stemming from the Australian Communication & Media Authority’s Reconnecting the Customer (‘RTC’) Draft Report, which follows the lifecycle of a consumer’s relationship with a telecommunications service provider from advertising, to point of sale, through to customer service, credit management and complaints-handling. 


In this submission, ACCAN details its response to the ACMA's draft recommendations and says the outcomes will only be as good as their implementation, compliance and enforcement mechanisms allow them to be.  

Submission to:  

ACMA's 'Reconnecting the Customer' Draft Report 


Submitted July 2011



Since making its submission, ACCAN and the ACMA jointly organised a Reconnecting the Customer Summit to provide those who may not otherwise have had an opportunity, to have their say about the ACMA Reconnecting the Customer proposals. The Summit was held on 3 August 2011. Below is a copy of the summit Stakeholder Feedback Report which includes comments and issues raised at the summit. This report was also provided to the ACMA to be considered in the drafting of the ACMA's final Reconnecting the Customer report.

Download: Reconnecting the Customer Summit Feedback Report; August 2011 [Word Document - 249 KB]

 Download: ACCAN_Response_to_the_RTC_Draft_Report; July 2011[Word Document - 1.06 MB]

Download: ACCAN_Response_to_the_RTC_Draft_Report; July 2011 [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 617.91 KB]