ACCAN recently submitted to the Department of Social Services consultation on the Australian Government response to the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability.

The 222 recommendations provided in the Disability Royal Commission (DRC) are a significant opportunity for Australia to create impactful, lasting, and positive change across a variety of critical areas for people with disability, including access to communications products and services.

ACCAN recommends that the government response to the DRC should include:

  • Establishing a Disability Rights Act (DRC Recommendation 4.1) and expanding on the proposed duty holders to include suppliers of critical infrastructure and recipients of substantial government funds.
  • Adopting the proposed amendments to the Disability Discrimination Act (DRC Recommendations 4.23 – 4.34) and establishing a Digital Technology Standard to provide agreed guidance about what accessible technology is.
  • Creating a national plan to promote accessible information and communications (DRC Recommendation 6.1).
  • Harmonising legislation to align with recent international reforms and advancements to leverage economies of scale.

In this submission ACCAN encourages the Australian Government to undertake the legislative reform proposed in the DRC, and to take meaningful action to position Australia as a leader in communications accessibility.

Download: pdfACCAN submission to the Government Response to the Disability Royal Commission334.52 KB

Download: docxACCAN submission to the Government Response to the Disability Royal Commission3.85 MB