ACCAN recently responded to the Digital Transformation Agency’s (DTA) Initial Data and Digital Government Strategy (the strategy). Our submission to this consultation included a range of recommendations which supported increasing the digital inclusion of Australians. These included:

  • Expanding the scope of current government programs focused on foundational digital skills to include cohorts such as low use and low access groups, remote First Nations consumers, newly arrived migrants, people with disability, those from CALD backgrounds and mobile only consumers.
  • Improving resourcing to existing community digital inclusion programs. ACCAN’s consultations and regular interaction with community digital inclusion organisations note resourcing limitations. The resourcing constraints that these organisations face may make their digital inclusions programs less effective.
  • Ensuring future digital inclusion initiatives and programs are implemented in accessible formats for consumers who live with cognitive impairment, vision impairment, as well as consumers who are illiterate and consumers who are from diverse cultural backgrounds. 

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