ACCAN recently provided comment on further pricing documents regarding the Variation to the NBN Co Special Access Undertaking Draft Decision consultation to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

ACCAN’s submission details our first assessment of the further documentation provided by NBN Co. In our view the additional material does not adequately address the concerns raised by ACCAN in our previous submissions. With respect to the further documentation provided by NBN Co. We consider that:

  • NBN Co’s proposal to formally introduce price floors is inconsistent with the efficient pricing of NBN service, migrating NBN services from a de facto price floor to a formal and endorsed model of minimum pricing. 
  • the proposed treatment of gifted assets and cash, requires refinements to clarify that NBN Co cannot over-recover from consumers by recovering financing costs it does not incur.
  • clarifications as to the intended operation of the replacement module determination process are appropriate to the extent that they do not impose any undue restrictions on the powers of the ACCC.
  • refinements to the operation of the low-income forum fall below consumer expectations and do not align with the long-term interests of end-users.

Download:  docxACCC NBN SAU - NBN further materials submission3.53 MB

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