Local number portability allows consumers to transfer – or ‘port’ – their local landline telephone number to a new service with a different telco provider. 

The Local Number Portability Code (the Code) outlines the procedures that telcos must follow in relation to local number porting. It is important that the Code is thorough and fair so that consumers do not lose their local number in the process, or face lengthy delays when switching telco providers.

ACCAN sits on the Working Committee that has been considering revisions to the Local Number Portability Code. We recently made a submission about the draft Code, in which we reiterated some points made in our first submission to the Code review. While we support the changes to number quarantining arrangements made in the draft Code, ACCAN is concerned that under the draft Code, residential and small business consumers still face a risk that their local number ports could take far longer than expected, causing significant inconvenience and potential detriment and business loss.

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