ACCAN recently submitted to The Treasury’s Statutory Review of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) Issues paper. The review, conducted by Elizabeth Kelly PSM, considers whether the existing statutory framework of the CDR is fit-for-purpose. As the peak body that represents all consumers on communications issues, ACCAN has engaged with the development of the CDR, especially as it relates to the telecommunications sector.

ACCAN wrote to support the Consumer Policy Research Centre’s (CPRC) submission to the review. While the CDR in the telecommunications sector is still nascent, ACCAN is troubled by submissions from CPRC and Financial Rights Legal Centre that question whether banking and energy consumers benefit under the current scheme. ACCAN shares CPRC’s concerns regarding a lack of clear use cases and consumer-centric success metrics and a shortage of meaningful consumer input to the CDR development process. ACCAN also strongly supports the implementation of clearer, more robust data security protections overseen by a well-resourced regulator.

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