ACCAN has recently submitted to the telco regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), to inform its 2022-23 compliance priorities. The ACMA’s Compliance Priorities set out the areas it will focus its compliance and enforcement activities on in the coming year. ACCAN’s submission raised a number of telco areas in need of increased compliance and enforcement activity.

ACCAN identified the following consumer issues that the ACMA should consider when setting its 2022-23 Compliance Priorities, including:

  • Customer service, contactability and complaints handling;
  • The treatment of consumers experiencing vulnerability, including financial hardship and domestic and family violence;
  • Scams and fraud prevention;
  • Accessibility and inclusion; and
  • Compliance with the Statutory Infrastructure Provider (SIP) regime.

ACCAN also identified areas where the ACMA could clarify the rule of law, including the use of Buy Now Pay Later for telco services, and the convergence of telco and energy sectors.

Download:  pdfACMA Compliance Priorities 2022-23323.45 KB
Download:  pdfACMA Compliance Priorities 2022-23323.45 KB