The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications is reviewing 5 legislative instruments which determine how payphones are provided across Australia. The instruments cover payphone location, installation, removal, performance, consultation and complaint handling. In response to the review, ACCAN argued that the instruments should be remade and refined to provide greater consumer protections and to meet the needs of local communities.

Payphones remain an important and valuable service to many people in Australia. Payphones are often used by people when they are in highly vulnerable circumstances and in most need of an accessible form of communication. As such, our submission argues:

  • Decisions regarding payphone installation and removal should be based solely on community need as opposed to the commercial viability of providing the service;
  • Installation and repair timeframes in regional and rural areas must reflect the heightened need for payphone services in these communities;
  • Rules surrounding public consultation for payphone installation, relocation and removal need to be modernised in line with community engagement best practice;
  • Increased oversight is needed regarding the assessments upon which payphone removals are based.

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