The superfast broadband access service (SBAS) is a declared wholesale access service that Retail Service Providers (RSPs) can use to supply fixed line superfast broadband services to end users. In July 2021, the ACCC extended the SBAS declaration to regulate non-NBN fixed line superfast broadband services until July 2026. This means that RSPs have the right to access the SBAS. The ACCC is now holding an inquiry regarding the terms and conditions relating to access of this service.

In our response to the ACCC’s discussion paper, we recommended that:

  • SBAS prices be benchmarked to a range of NBN access prices.
  • Telstra’s Fibre Access Broadband services be adjusted to better reflect the value end users are receiving from the service until the networks’ transfer to Uniti is completed.
  • Small network providers should not be exempt from access obligations.
  • Competition based exemptions be provided on a case-by-case basis where there is sufficient evidence of effective competition.

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