The Federal Government has sought feedback on changes to Telstra’s carrier licence conditions. The proposed changes would increase Telstra’s level of reporting in regard to voice services that sit outside of NBN’s fixed line footprint.

Consumers living outside NBN’s fixed line footprint are heavily reliant on voice services provided over Telstra’s network, so it is important that the reliability of the services is transparent. It’s also essential that there is visibility of Telstra’s performance in meeting its obligations under the Universal Service Obligation regime, and how well it is meeting the Customer Service Guarantee standard.

ACCAN supports the proposed amendment which would require Telstra to make public information on issues such as faults and service difficulties, delays to new connections, whether appointments were kept and number of complaints. Telstra would also be required to provide more granular and frequent information to the telco regulator (the ACMA) and the Government.

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