The ACMA is inviting feedback to inform the development of its 2021-22 Compliance Priorities. These are the areas that will guide the ACMA’s activities when enforcing and improving rules and regulations about communications services.

ACCAN’s submission outlines key areas where the ACMA should direct its compliance and enforcement efforts, based on:

• the impact of these issues on consumers of phone and internet services,

• the severity of the risk of consumer harm stemming from non-compliance in relation to these issues, and

• member feedback and evidence received by ACCAN.

ACCAN has identified the following areas that should be included in the ACMA’s 2021-22 compliance priorities:

• Customer service and complaints handling rules outlined in the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code and the ACMA Complaints Handling Standard.
• Digital-only telcos’ compliance with consumer protections rules, particularly relating to customer service.

• Financial hardship and credit management rules, particularly in relation to granting consumers access to financial hardship provisions, and ensuring arrangements like repayment plans are fair and flexible.

• Direct debit billing, particularly instances where telcos strongly preference direct debit payments, or reduce or withdraw other payment methods.

• Accessibility and inclusion, particularly through disability mystery shopping exercises, the provision of accurate consumer information to people with disability, and TV captioning rules.

• Compliance with NBN consumer experience rules.

• Existing priority areas like the adoption of changes to the TCP Code, 5G EME exposure and consumer education work, and the ACMA Scam Technology Project.

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