Communications are an essential service. ACCAN’s Pre-Budget Submission 2020-21 outlines policies, programs and areas of need for communications consumers that should be addressed in the Australian Government’s upcoming 2020-21 Budget. Affordability, accessibility, regional access and infrastructure, and empowered consumer decision-making are areas where continued government investment is vital to ensure all Australians benefit from connectivity.

2020’s challenges have highlighted how essential communications services are to the Australian public. Significant public investment is needed to ensure that all Australians can get and stay connected.

ACCAN has identified the following priority initiatives and areas of need for communications consumers that would benefit from Australian Government investment:

  • Affordable home broadband – read more about our initiative, No Australian Left Offline
  • Affordable home phone services
  • A re-established Communications Fund
  • Improvements to the Mobile Black Spots Program
  • Additional funding for the Alternative Voice Trials Program
  • Digital capacity building in the regions
  • A National Indigenous Digital Inclusion Strategy
  • An independent phone and internet plan comparison tool
  • Continued funding for ACCAN’s Accessible Telecoms
  • Improvements to Audio Description


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