ACCAN recently made a submission to the Digital Industry Groups (DIGI) consultation on their voluntary industry Code on disinformation. The Code has been developed in response to ‘Regulating in the Digital Age: Government Response and Implementation Roadmap for the Digital Platforms Inquiry’. The Code outlines what the digital platforms will do to address concerns regarding disinformation and credibility signaling for news content in the Australian context.

ACCAN is supportive of the intent of the Code however we are disappointed that it does not cover broader issues of misinformation and the inadvertent dissemination of misinformation. ACCAN would like to see greater protections from the potentially harmful impact of misinformation for consumers of digital platform services.

Download: docxACCAN submission - Draft Disinformation Code115.04 KB
Download: pdfACCAN submission - Draft Disinformation Code263.95 KB