ACCAN submitted to the ACCC’s review on Division 12 and Internet Activity Record Keeping Rule where there were several proposals regarding the information the ACCC seeks from service providers.

ACCAN is generally supportive of many of the proposals mentioned in the consultation paper however we are concerned at the proposal to remove of reporting requirements for fixed-line voice services. ACCAN believes that fixed line voice service is a segment of the telecommunications market which still requires monitoring. The reasons for this are:

  • The consumers who predominantly rely on the service usually have limited choice due to geography or are more vulnerable to price rises due to their fixed incomes.

  • There continue to be consumer issues regarding the provision of landline services.

  • Without reporting and monitoring, Telstra may take advantage of its dominant position in the market, which could result in price rises.

It is for these reasons that ACCAN believes there should be continued oversight over this essential service.

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