ACCAN has commented on the proposed update to the Federal Government’s telecommunications in new developments policy.

ACCAN agrees with the policy’s objectives to provide people moving into new developments with ready access to modern telecommunications, both voice and broadband, and to create a competitive market for the provision of such infrastructure. However, ACCAN identified the following areas for improvement in the proposed approach:

  • Developers should be responsible for providing information on the type of telecommunications infrastructure to potential buyers, and any costs that the end user might incur before they purchase a property.
  • Exemptions from requirements to provide fibre-ready facilities in new developments should be strictly controlled.
  • NBN should be obliged to install fixed line technology in any new development that is one kilometre outside but adjacent to its long-term fixed line footprint, and consideration should be given to extending this obligation further.

ACCAN strongly supports the establishment of the statutory infrastructure provider of last resort (SIP) obligations, and the move to make the market more competitive. However, due to existing market failures there needs to be enhanced SIP performance obligations to protect the interests of end users. We call for the adoption of the standards developed through the ACCC’s NBN’s Wholesale Service Standards Inquiry for all networks in new developments.

Download: docxACCAN submission to proposed update to the Telecommunications in New Developments Policy116.96 KB

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