ACCAN has written a submission in response to the draft Regional Connectivity Program Grant Opportunity Guidelines.

ACCAN was pleased to see the Grant Opportunity Guidelines prioritised the place-based needs of local communities and directed applicants to draw on advice from local industry, business, and community groups, not-for-profits and First Nations community-controlled organisations. The inclusion of three funding streams, including a low-budget option for smaller projects, will also mean more regional, rural and remote communities will be in a position to apply for funding.

However, ACCAN proposed several revisions to the Guidelines to improve the effectiveness of the program, including:

  • More realistic timeframes for the roll-out of regional telecommunications infrastructure;
  • More sustainable long-term funding solutions to enable continuity of services in non-metropolitan regions;
  • Provision of a ‘broker’ to assist inexperienced communities without existing industry connections to submit funding applications;
  • Allowance for non-cash co-contributions by some communities as an incentive to industry to invest in cash-poor regions; and
  • Maximised promotion of the program to rural, regional and remote communities via their existing networks.


Download: docxRegional Connectivity Program Grant Opportunity Guidelines80.06 KB

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