ACCAN has made a submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Human Rights and Technology consultation.

The issues paper asked which human rights can be affected by technology, and what issues technology can raise for different groups of people. The issues paper included some questions that specifically related to people with disability and the accessibility of technology, including what challenges and opportunities people with disability experience when accessing technology and how the development and use of more accessible technology can be encouraged and promoted in Australia.

ACCAN focused on the human rights of people with disability in our submission. We made the following key points:

  • Without access to technology, people with disability are unable to enjoy their human rights on an equal basis with people without disability.

  • A whole of government procurement policy for accessible ICT would promote the human rights of people with disability by improving the affordability and availability of accessible technology for people with disability in Australia.

  • The Disability Discrimination Act (1992) should be reformed to enable the Australian Human Rights Commission to more effectively promote and protect the human rights of people with disability in relation to technology.


Download:  docxHuman Rights and Technology issues paper808.13 KB
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