Recently, auDA, the body responsible for Australia’s domain name system agreed to introduce ‘direct registrations’. This is where your chosen internet domain name does not use the familiar “”, “”, “”, and new names will be simply “”.

Many Australian not-for-profit organisations and businesses currently have domain names for their internet presences under the second level domains. For example: * and * Domain names are used to find resources and services on the internet such as web pages (eg and email addresses (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

As well as addressing some of the questions posed in the Issues Paper, ACCAN provided feedback and recommendations on:

  • whether priority should be given to existing registrants
  • restrictions on registrant eligibility
  • general regulation approach to the Australian name space (.au)

ACCAN consulted with its members (organisational and individual) in the drafting of the below submission and sought broader community comment as well.

Download: docxImplementation of Direct Registrations submission819.45 KB

Download: pdfImplementation of Direct Registrations submission526.86 KB