ACCAN does not believe that the current framework governing the delivery of broadband services is in the interest of consumers. Too often consumers have no transparency or assurance over their service, get passed between retailer and wholesaler and could potentially be left without access to any network. ACCAN strongly supports the Statutory Infrastructure Provider legislation. We encourage the introduction of the legislation as quickly as possible so the powers within the legislation can be used to protect consumers and their services.

Broadband services are essential services that should be underpinned by standards and conditions. ACCAN believes the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Competition and Consumer) Bill is in the interest of consumers as it puts in place the architecture that could be used to establish a framework that:

  • Ensures access to a superfast network to all premises
  • Provides transparency and accountability over network providers
  • Ensures that networks need to exceed minimum performance levels and timeframes for connection and fault repairs
  • Ensures that networks act in a manner which supports consumers’ complaint and dispute resolution

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