Advertised broadband speeds can be confusing. Claims such as ‘up to’ or ‘ultrafast’ do not explain what the typical speed will be for consumers. It also makes it difficult to compare providers and pick a plan that matches need. The ACCC, through new guidelines, is promoting clearer information on speed claims and ensuring that claims are not misleading consumers.

The ACCC’s 6 guidelines on speed claims are:
1. Consumers should be provided with accurate information about typical busy period speeds that the average consumer on a broadband plan can expect to receive
2. Wholesale (access) network speeds or theoretical speeds taken from technical specifications should not be advertised without reference to typical busy period speeds
3. Information about the performance of promoted applications should be accurate and sufficiently prominent
4. Factors known to affect service performance should be disclosed to consumers
5. Performance information should be presented in a manner that is easily comparable by consumers
6. RSPs should have systems in place to diagnose and resolve broadband speed issues

In this consultation, the ACCC asked for feedback on the implementation of the 6 guidelines. ACCAN supports the approach taken by the ACCC, and believes the guidelines will encourage greater transparency, balanced with flexibility needed for individual providers. Our submission details ACCAN’s response to specific issues raised by the ACCC.

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