In November 2016 the Productivity Commission released its Data Availability and Use Draft Report.

ACCAN is pleased that the Productivity Commission has initiated a discussion into how consumers can exercise greater control over data held about them, including a proposal to create a Comprehensive Right to Data Access for individuals.

By increasing the availability and use of data across the private and public sectors, and to individual consumers about themselves, there is potential to stimulate innovation and competitiveness in the marketplace. This could lead to increased choice and better decision-making for consumers, as well as increased transparency and accountability in Government.


Although ACCAN is pleased to see that the report takes a consumer-centric approach, this submission briefly discusses and makes recommendations concerning:

  • The need for a mandatory data breach notification scheme and a right to redress for the misuse of personal information
  • Issues of consent versus explicitly informed consent; consumer knowledge and understanding of standard contracts
  • The transparency of security measures and de-identification standards and processes
  • The accessibility and affordability of data shared under the proposed scheme
  • Comprehensive credit reporting in the telecommunications industry.

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