ACCAN submitted to the Interim Report of the Australian Consumer Law review to provide feedback on proposed options to improve consumer protection laws and guidance material for telecommunications consumers.  

We were pleased to see the Interim Report taking up several of ACCAN’s concerns:

  • Publication of guidance notes to help consumers better understand their consumer guarantee rights in relation to specific services (such as telecommunications services).

  • Improvements in consumer information about extended warranties and the introduction of an extended warranty cooling off period.

  • Making sure financial penalties for consumer law breaches are effective.

  • Extending unfair contract term provisions (e.g. to restrict non-disclosure agreements and unfair terms in insurance contracts).

In our submission, we also supported:

  • the Report’s recommendation to improve consumer rights where there have been multiple minor problems with a  product (such as a mobile phone); and

  • increased accessibility to information about consumer rights for vulnerable consumers and consumers with disabilities.

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