How the nbn offers services to retail service providers and the prices that it charges them is set out in a document called the ‘Special Access Undertaking (SAU)’. It is an important document that was first agreed in 2013 and will affect the price and quality of telecommunication services until 2040.

Earlier this year nbn asked for a number of changes to the document. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has the power to decide if the changes proposed are in the interest of consumers and has asked for feedback on them.

ACCAN’s submission raised concerns about the effect the changes may have on the level of service offered to consumers and the information available to them. It is important that there is transparency in the nbn rollout information and in the quality of services offered.

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In February 2017, ACCAN made a further submission to the ACCC on the SAU, where we raised further concerns about withdrawal of construction rollout information and information provided through the online website address checker.

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