Communications affordability is an important issue, especially with many consumers facing cost of living pressures and rising costs of telecommunications services.

ACCAN conducted a survey through Ipsos’ Digital Omnibus survey in March 2023 to better understand consumers’ experiences with communications affordability. This survey sought the views of 1,000 respondents from a variety of age groups, locations, and incomes.

It found:

  • Phone and internet costs are unaffordable for more than a quarter of consumers.
  • Consumers are going without other essentials to afford their telecommunications bills.
  • Consumers are turning to multiple payment methods to pay their phone and internet bills.
  • 92% of consumers believe that telecommunications companies should provide an affordable internet plan.

Based on this and previous research, ACCAN’s recommendations include:

  • A concessional broadband service for households receiving government financial support.
  • An independent plan comparison tool for telecommunications services.
  • Telecommunications providers to offer more flexible payment options for consumers.

Download the Research Snapshot, below, and see our Media Release.

This research can be referenced as: ACCAN. 2023. Affordability Snapshot.

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