A new report released by ACCAN today delves into young people’s experiences and issues with accessing and using phone and internet services.

We know that for many young people, phone and internet services are vital for work, study, accessing services and keeping connected with family and friends.

Our research focused on:

  • The services used by young people, and their needs,
  • How they navigate the market, make choices and deal with issues
  • What is important to them when it comes to communications services.

Our research provides valuable insights about the significance of connectivity to young people, with 97% of respondents having access to a mobile phone. It shows that access to communications, particularly to mobile phones with a suitable amount of data, is vital for young people to connect with their communities and manage all aspects of their lives, especially work and study.

Our survey also provides insights on:

  • Profiles of disadvantage when it comes to digital access,
  • Affordability challenges,
  • Consumer confidence and decision-making, and
  • Young people’s perceptions and feelings towards data privacy and security.


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