ACCAN has today released our Retail Registration Position.

Developed in consultation with consumers and other stakeholders, the Retail Registration Position outlines how a telecommunications registration scheme administered by the ACMA could be implemented.

Carriage Service Providers (CSPs) in Australia do not currently need to register or apply for a licence to sell services before entering the telecommunications market. Without minimum standards for market entry, it is difficult to prevent non-compliance and consumer detriment due to CSP conduct before it occurs.

Introducing a retail registration scheme will centralise information on market participants, reducing the source burden of compliance and enforcement action, and preventing market entry and re-entry by non-genuine market participants.

A retail registration scheme will provide material benefits by:

  • better protecting consumers by barring market entry of ‘fly-by-night' or non-genuine firms;
  • reducing industry burden by simplifying and strengthening existing registration arrangements;
  • improving visibility of market participants, promoting competition.

Download:  docxRetail Registration Policy Position3.88 MB

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