Community Position on the Public Procurement of Accessible Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ACCAN and a consortium of Disability and Consumer Organisations are calling for a whole-of-government policy for the procurement of accessible information and communications technology (ICT).

Public procurement of accessible ICT, across all levels of government, will ensure that all Australians are able to participate and benefit from our growing digital economy.

Adopting public procurement policies for accessible ICT across all levels of government will help to ensure that:

  • All public service workplaces procure accessible ICT providing significant employment benefits for current and future employees with disability
  • All public sector electronic information is accessible to people with disability
  • All public sector services delivered electronically are accessible for people with disability
  • That greater choice of accessible products and services will be available in the Australian ICT marketplace
  • Australia will be protected from becoming a dumping-ground for the inaccessible products which are unsellable in those overseas markets where public procurement policies for accessible ICT are in place

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