Now that the NBN has been declared built and fully operational, ACCAN has examined what needs to be changed in the telecommunications sector in order to protect consumer interests and maximise the benefits of broadband in the future. Underpinning this analysis is the shift in the way consumers use and rely on broadband services. Telecommunications is now widely regarded as an essential service, and so consumer protections and safeguards must be brought in line with this way of thinking.

ACCAN’s Future of Broadband policy position provides recommendations that work towards ensuring the following conditions are met:

  • Broadband networks are secure, reliable and resilient
  • Compliance with regulation is transparent
  • Communications are affordable and measures support access for all consumers
  • Priority Assistance arrangements for broadband are available
  • Access to high speeds is equitable
  • Social inclusion is supported by universal digital inclusion
  • Consumers are supported to make appropriate choices
  • The needs of small businesses are supported
  • Consumers are treated fairly
  • Consumer protections are appropriately enforced

ACCAN gratefully thanks and acknowledges Kristen Coggan, Wendy Hick, Scott Hollier, Daniel Featherstone, Karen Lee, Rob Nicholls, Paul Paterson, Johanna Plante and Julian Thomas for participating in discussions that contributed to the drafting of this position paper.

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