ACCAN believes that everyone must have equal, reliable and appropriate access to the emergency call service (Triple Zero) from a range of devices. Our position is that people should be able to use SIMless phones to genuinely contact Triple Zero as needed.

Proposals to reduce non-genuine calls to Triple Zero have included barring calls from SIMless devices. There are several situations when calls to Triple Zero appear to come from SIMless devices. ACCAN recommends more research into whether devices without SIMs represent a high proportion of all non-genuine calls made to Triple Zero.

ACCAN believes that overwhelmingly, SIMless devices would be used as a last resort by people who have no other viable alternatives. For this reason, it is important that this service continues to be available. Information should also be made readily available to ensure SIMless callers are aware that no location information is transmitted through this method of calling, and so they will have to provide detailed location information to Triple Zero operators.

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