Our focus

Young indigenous people happily using their mobile phones

ACCAN is committed to promoting and advancing digital inclusion, with particular focus on issues relating to the affordability and accessibility of services.

While our work on digital inclusion continues to evolve, this area of enduring policy work is aimed at supporting consumers that may face greater barriers to being digitally included. These include, but are not limited to, people with disability; regional, rural and remote consumers; First Nations Australians; and issues impacting young consumers, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and older Australians.

Some current issues in this policy priority include the affordability of broadband services and devices; access to suitable communications in regional, rural and remote Australia and remote First Nations communities; and the accessibility of communications services and devices for people with disability.


Australian Family

ACCAN is committed to advancing the interests of consumers through enhancements to consumer protection arrangements. Sound consumer protections are necessary to allow consumers to engage confidently in the communications market.

ACCAN’s work and commitment to ongoing engagement with stakeholders will drive strengthened consumer protections through the direct regulation of consumer protections. Some current issues in this policy priority include the adequacy of consumer protection arrangements for financial hardship, credit assessment and domestic and family violence.


Technician repairing a mobile base station tower

Through this priority, ACCAN will advance the interests of consumers by supporting policy settings that provide for reliable, resilient and robust infrastructure. ACCAN will continue to engage with key infrastructure policy matters, including the economic regulation and pricing of NBN and legacy communications services and infrastructure investment programs.

Key issues in this policy priority include improving the coverage, capacity and reliability of regional, rural and remote infrastructure to support consumers, small business and communities to grow and thrive.