COnnection & Protection Banner: What consumers need from the Internet of Things

In Australia, and worldwide, the demand for consumer IoT devices and appliances is soaring as they become more affordable and the ongoing rollout of 5G mobile technology in Australia means in just 2 years, the average Australian household will likely contain 18 IoT connected devices.

Internet of Things (IoT) powered smart devices and appliances provide consumers with optimal convenience, however, Australia’s current regulatory system offers consumers little protection. An enforceable regulatory regime is needed.

The IoT Position Paper Launch will highlight the key areas of concern for IoT devices in Australia and what consumers need from an Internet of Things regulatory framework.

Join the peak body for communications consumers (ACCAN) and panellists from key interest groups as we discuss ACCAN’s position and what robust IoT regulation means for consumers living in Australia.


Wednesday, 30 June 2021
11:00am - 12:30pm


Through Humanitix:


Teresa Corbin
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN)

Stephanie Whitelock
Policy Officer


Teresa Corbin


Monique Mann
Senior Lecturer
Criminology, Deakin University

Dr Ian Warren
Senior Lecturer
Criminology, Deakin University

Sarah Biordi
Technology Safety Specialist

Malcom Crompton
Lead Privacy Advisor and Managing Director
Information Integrity Solutions

Vaughan Bennison
Disability Policy Advisor

David Lindsay
Professor, Faculty of Law
University of Technology Sydney