Robin Wilkinson’s contribution to consumer representation in telecommunications has been extensive over a 30-year period. As a founding member of ACCAN, Robin has been a supporter of the organisation since its inception.

Robin was also a member of the Consumers’ Telecommunications Network (CTN) Board from the outset of the organisation’s establishment in 1990. After being Deputy Chairperson for many years, she was elected CTN Chairperson in 2004 and held the position until 2007. Representing Tasmanians with Disabilities, Robin was an active member on the Telstra Consumer Councils and the Optus Consumer Liaison Forum.

In her advocacy on behalf of consumers, Robin focused on accessible communications equipment, emergency services, and priority assistance. Her extensive expertise in consumer education meant she was actively involved in working with the regulator, AUSTEL on an extensive re-numbering initiative of all phone numbers in Australia between 1994-1998.

Robin is also known for her promotion of the rights of people with disabilities in communications, leading to international recognition of the work of the CTN and consumer representation in Australia. She sought to build an understanding of universal design principles and the value of consumer consultation in product design and development. Notably, she was a member of the Australian delegation to the 10th Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) meeting in Nice, France in 2005 and the 11th GSC meeting in Chicago, USA in 2006 where she gave presentations to leading engineers and regulators from around the world.

Robin was responsible for ensuring inclusive practices at CTN, and this approach was the basis for the participatory culture that is now a part of ACCAN’s DNA. As a consumer representative Elder, Robin was honoured as a special guest at the ACCAN m-Enabling Conference in 2013 in Sydney. Since then, she has continued to mentor and support ACCAN staff who value her extensive knowledge and history on consumers’ accessibility and telecommunications needs for many years. Her approach of “nothing about us without us” is now embedded in the approach to consumer advocacy in communications in Australia.