The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network is pleased to announce the launch of the Digital Ready Digital Business Kit and the website. Targeted at small businesses and not-for-profit organisations in the Arts, Recreation and Education services sector the kit will enable them to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by fast broadband and information technology. The kit was launched today at the by Peter Strong, Executive Director, Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA) at the 2014 ACCAN National Conference.

Digital Ready gives step by step assistance to build the necessary skills to engage effectively with the digital economy. Over six modules, it covers a range of topics including: getting connected to fast broadband, determining an online strategy, using social media, the cloud, online registration, eCommerce and telework.

"The Digital Business Kit is a practical and powerful way to increase the services and outreach we offer our small business and not-for-profit membership, as well as the broader community," commented ACCAN CEO Teresa Corbin. "The team has researched the sector thoroughly to target the kit appropriately and we're really excited about the opportunities we're able to offer through Digital Ready."

"The kit is free for anyone to access and is available now. Organisations can access it through our website and can complete the modules at their own pace. The kit ties into the theme of our conference this year, Connecting Today's Consumer. It will encourage small businesses to become connected and take advantage of the digital economy," added Ms. Corbin.

The Digital Ready kit is the result of a grant awarded to ACCAN by the Department of Communications last year.

"Small business stands to greatly benefit from digital technology", said Peter Strong, Executive Director, COSBOA. "The ACCAN Digital Ready Digital Business kit is a tremendously useful education initiative for Australian small businesses."

The 2014 ACCAN National Conference is the organisation's fifth conference to date. This year's event will focus on Connecting Today's Consumer and covers the need for all people to be connected to the internet, giving a platform for consumers, government and industry representatives to explore the big issues facing telecommunications customers.

The opening keynote at the conference will be delivered by renowned futurist and author, Gerd Leonhard. During his presentation Gerd will cover a range of topics including privacy, Big Data, copyright and artificial intelligence. The presentation provided Gerd's forward thinking views on the future of connectivity and consumer rights.

"In the future everyone will need easy access to fast digital networks, but defining a balanced, healthy, human and sustainable way of 'being connected' will be a challenge," says Gerd. "Digital transformation is no longer just something that music, film/TV and publishing companies have to think about. Every sector of society will be affected by exponentially increasing digital connectivity, rapid automation and its consequences on jobs and work."

Based in Basel, Switzerland, Gerd is a leading commentator on topics including big data and privacy, digitally native business models, the networked society, social media, social business, mobile strategies, innovation, consumer trends, copyright and IP issues. Gerd will also participate in a panel discussion on privacy discussing what it means for different communications consumers.

The 2014 ACCAN National Conference is being held from 16-17 September and will feature sessions that cover a range of topics including privacy, small business, accessible apps, the NBN and illegal content downloading.

For more information on the conference, please visit the event website or follow ACCAN on Twitter - @ACCAN_AU.


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