Peak consumer communications group ACCAN says prices for services on the NBN released yesterday by retail service provider Internode are comparable to current offers but affordability remains a key concern for consumers.

Internode’s entry-level bundle on the NBN costs $59.95 a month including phone and 30GB a month of downloads, which ACCAN says is comparable to existing offers (see table below) – but with higher speeds.

ACCAN Chief Executive Officer Teresa Corbin said, “The pricing structure announced by Internode has generated huge interest because, for the first time, we have some information about what prices consumers will actually pay for phone and internet services on the NBN.”

ACCAN says Internode CEO Simon Hackett has raised concerns about factors affecting prices for consumers and has made suggestions about how prices could be reduced.

“We’re pleased to see that entry-level pricing for bundles is comparable but those who want super-fast speeds will pay more. At present, the speed and reliability of your internet service depends very much on where you live, how far your home is from the exchange, and how many people are connected to the exchange.

“Even in metropolitan areas, internet speeds can be very slow and there are few people in Australia who are currently getting speeds of Internode’s entry-level available on the NBN [of 12MBps]. One of the objectives of building a NBN is that Australians everywhere will have access to reliable, fast broadband speeds.”

“Our organisation’s key concern is that everyone – no matter where they live – has access to affordable and accessible communications services. We believe the NBN will provide that access but affordability remains key.”

ACCAN says that other providers will likely offer phone-only services on the NBN and says those who don’t want the internet will be very keen to find out how much the cost for that will be.

“ACCAN will work to ensure that the current low-income affordability measures are translated to the new environment to ensure universal service obligations for access to telecommunications continue. The last thing we want is for the NBN to leave people financially worse off.”

Media contact: Elise Davidson / 0409 966 931 

Click here to read ACCAN’s NBN Guide for Consumers.

TABLE: How Internode’s entry-level phone and internet bundle compares to today’s plans



MB included

Internode’s “Bronze” NBN package








50GB on peak/
70GB off peak






10GB peak /
10GB off peak




* Note: the prices above include a home phone service.

~ Internode’s current pricing (non NBN services)