The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) is glad to announce the launch of the Affordable Devices service, an extensive database of retailers and organisations which help consumers access free or low-cost mobile phones, laptops, tablets and desktops.

Affordable Devices is a result of research commissioned by ACCAN. It lists sources of low-cost devices, filtered by the State or Territory in which they are based, and provides detail as to whether the listed website is screen reader-friendly.

ACCAN’s Director of Operations Tanya Karliychuk said that consumers looking for refurbished and otherwise low-cost devices will benefit from the Affordable Devices service.

“Consumers have been telling us that the cost of connectivity is becoming more of a burden as other living costs rise. Affordable Devices helps to fill an information gap by pointing consumers towards resellers and programs which meet their affordability, accessibility and device needs.”

Affordable Devices will sit alongside other ACCAN resources, including our guide to cheaper phone and internet plans and Accessible Telecoms, ACCAN’s hub for assistive phones and tech. We welcome people’s feedback on this new feature,” Ms Karliychuk said.

Affordable Devices was launched on Wednesday 20th March in tandem with A Digital Inclusion Approach to Device Donation and Reuse, a research paper from the Australian Digital Inclusion Alliance.

Download: docxMEDIA RELEASE - ACCAN Launches Affordable Devices Service

Download: pdfMEDIA RELEASE - ACCAN Launches Affordable Devices Service