At its March meeting the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network’s (ACCAN) Board of Directors unanimously endorsed the organisation’s support of the Voice to Parliament.

A Voice to Parliament aligns with ACCAN’s vision of communications services that are trusted, inclusive, accessible, and available for all.

“ACCAN believes that the Voice will not only give Indigenous communities more say over policy matters that affect them but will make a significant difference to their quality of life,“ said ACCAN Chairperson Julian Thomas.

A Voice to Parliament also aligns strongly with ACCAN’s Reconciliation Action Plan vision of a united Australia that acknowledges its past and values the unique culture and heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

“Our Board believes that a First Nations Voice, enshrined in the Constitution, gives a real and meaningful voice to the aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples right across the country. The Voice will also provide new and deeper opportunities for community consultation to improve communications, particularly in regional and remote Australia,“ Professor Thomas said.

The Board and staff of ACCAN support a successful Referendum that will enshrine a First Peoples Voice to Parliament in our Constitution. A Voice that can provide independent advice to Parliament and Government enables true self-determination by ensuring the diverse First Nations perspectives and aspirations are authentically embedded in decisions affecting their lives.

The endorsement has been communicated to Minister Rowland and the Department

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