The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) is proud to support Scams Awareness Week (7–11 November 2022).

Scams Awareness Week is an annual campaign hosted by the ACCC and the Scams Awareness Network, which raises awareness about common scams and offers tips on how people can protect themselves from scammers. This year Scams Awareness Week is about empowering people to learn how to spot a scam and encouraging them to take the time to check whether a communication or offer is real.

There are some simple ways to detect a scam. These are some things to look out for:

  • A person or a message urging you to act quickly, whether it’s a threat to make an urgent payment, a request for upfront payment or a limited opportunity too good to miss.
  • A person or a message asking you to update or provide your personal details, such as identifying information, banking details or passwords, or asking to remotely access your device.
  • Any payment request via unsecure or unusual methods such as cryptocurrency, gift cards or bank transfer.
  • A person or suspicious message claiming they have new contact details or asking for payment to a new bank account.
  • Anyone offering unsolicited financial or investment advice or claiming you can make fast or guaranteed money with little to no risk.

Scams can cause serious harm, so take the time to check whether an offer or contact is genuine before you act on it. Here are some simple tips to protect you from being scammed:

Do NOT click any suspicious links, or call the number that sent the text

Immediately delete the message - If it looks dodgy it probably is

Some call blocking apps that users can install from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store also work to assist with blocking unwanted texts. To determine which call blocking app to use, read up on the features, user ratings and expert reviews.

Visit the Scams Awareness Week website for more information:

ACCAN’s CEO, Andrew Williams, is available for comment on consumer advice during Scams Awareness Week.

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