One third of consumers have fallen victim to Cybercrime or Personal Identity theft, according to the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN).

New research into consumer awareness of E-security was presented today at the Inquiry into Cybercrime, highlighting the need for a more co-ordinated, rigorous approach to E-security measures for Australian consumers.

ACCAN called for urgent action to combat the menace of Cybercrime. Key recommendations include:
1. The establishment of an Office of Online Security to co-ordinate and address the multitude of economic and social implications of online security issues.
2. There is an urgent need for ISPs and vendors to sell computers with pre-installed online security protection software, to ensure maximum protection for consumers.

ACCAN Chief Executive Officer, Mr Allan Asher said “Selling computer systems without protection against cybercrime would be like car companies selling cars without seatbelts.”

The full media release is located below.
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