Research released by ACMA yesterday found that one-third (32 per cent) of Australian mobile users have in the past year wanted to make a 13/1300 call from their mobile but not done so because of concern about call costs.

ACCAN remains concerned about the affordability of calling a 13/1300 number from a mobile.

We are yet to be convinced that the industry proposal to charge 13 numbers for the ‘included value’ of a mobile plan will turn around this alarming figure on 13 call affordability," said ACCAN Deputy CEO, Narelle Clark.

Given these 13 numbers are commonly used by organisations such as mental health services, government, banks and insurance companies it is important that they remain affordable to call.

“ACCAN will be carefully monitoring the consumer impact of the industry guideline and we will be making sure the ACMA keeps to its promise that vulnerable consumers will benefit from this scheme.”

ACCAN has been calling for more affordable calls to 13 numbers for the last four years.

A number of services targeted at vulnerable consumers had adopted 1300 numbers as an affordable call option because traditionally industry had charged them at a low fixed rate. The affordability problem has arisen since the 13/1300 number scheme has been charged as a timed rate on mobile networks.

What you can do: Read the most recent ACMA advice here.  



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