Summary: If you haven't already heard, a potentially catastrophic internet security flaw has been discovered this week and there are some serious ramifications for consumers.

Digital padlock

The "Heartbleed Bug" is a flaw that affects millions of websites. You may notice when using various websites a padlock and "https" appear in the URL bar – this means that the site is meant to be secure and you shouldn't worry about entering in any sensitive information.

The bad news is that the bug affects millions of these "secure" sites and has potentially exposed your usernames, passwords and financial information to hackers.

So, what do you need to do about it?

    1. Before changing your passwords, you need to check if the affected websites have upgraded their servers. If they haven't, creating a new password will simply give hackers your new password. Head to this website to check or simply contact the website owners.

    2. If the sites have upgraded their servers, immediately change your passwords. Read ACCAN's tips to make sure you choose strong and safe passwords.

    3. Keep an eye on your bank and credit accounts and immediately report any unexpected charges.

    4. For more information on the bug, read this article.


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