National Telework Week is running from 12 to 16 November 2012. Telework is working regularly from a place other than the office, in most cases from a home office. During National Telework Week businesses are encouraged to trial telework by allowing their employees to work remotely for one or more days during the week and register their involvement online.

The week is intended to highlight the benefits telework can bring to employees, employers and the community as a whole. For employers, the benefits can include reductions in operational costs, a driver for innovation and helping overcome skill shortages caused by geographical barriers. For employees, the benefits can include improved work life balance, financial savings and a reduction in the stress caused by daily commuting. The general community also benefits through increased workforce participation and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion.

So if teleworking is something your organisation has been considering, this is a great week to try it out and join hundreds of other organisations doing the same. The National Telework Week website has a range of resources for both employers and employees to find out more:


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