The ACCAN 2012 National Conference program includes an exciting innovation: a consumer-oriented Technology Expo.  ACCAN’s TEXPO is not the usual trade show, but a targeted, in-depth showcase of carefully selected technologies of interest to a broad range of consumers.

Across the world, countries are building out broadband infrastructure to ensure the widest possible coverage at the greatest possible speeds – and perhaps nowhere more impressively than in Australia.  In this context, it is important that 'everyone' includes people with disability, literacy and ageing related barriers to internet use.  It is essential that people can embrace the various technology options to unlock their potential online safely, confidently and on an equal footing.  Participants from top research agencies (NICTA and GPII), leading network providers (NBN Co and Vodafone) and technology vendors (ACE, Ericsson, and CommunicateAT) as well as Australia’s strongest advocate for media access on an equal footing (Media Access Australia) will display the latest in security applications, accessibility, cloud, NBN hardware and other technologies.

Here is a taste of what will be on offer during the day:

Vodafone Guardian is a free app that lets you and your child select the best smartphone settings to support safe and responsible mobile use. Families have the flexibility to decide what services children have access to at any time of the day, including  the internet, camera, Wi-Fi, apps and games, and to decide who can call and text your child. Young people are empowered to take action against bullying by choosing not to accept upsetting or threatening text messages.

ACE, Australia’s leading communications service provider for people who are Deaf, hearing-impaired or speech-impaired, aims to create a world without barriers using advanced technology. ACE will be demonstrating the two technology trials it operates in Australia – the Captioned Telephone and the Video Relay Service – as well as their newly developed smartphone applications that assist with communication access.  One of these is Silent Tweets, a free community broadcasting system providing important public audio announcements in a text format.  Silent Tweets is the official app for the Australian Deaf Games 2012.


Earlier this year, Media Access Australia launched an exciting innovation: Access iQ™. A social enterprise, this new initiative aims to provide government and industry with the knowledge and resources that enable them to make sure websites, applications and digital experiences are accessible to people who have a disability or are ageing. Access iQ is a comprehensive hub for web accessibility resources, providing practical how-to information and guidance from industry experts worldwide to assist web professionals in ensuring their work meets international accessibility standards.


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