The global organisation representing consumer groups, Consumers International, is asking Australians to be part of their project aimed at holding internet service providers to account. You can help by taking part in the 10-minute online survey so we can see how Australia compares to the rest of the world for broadband services.

Consumers International's new project is “Holding Broadband Service Providers to Account”. It aims to empower consumer groups around the world to demand more equitable and accessible broadband service offerings. A campaign will be developed after the worldwide survey results are in.

Priority areas to be addressed might include some of the biggest areas of concern for Australian consumers:

  • Misleading advertising
  • Billing practices
  • Unfair contractual terms
  • Complaint handling
  • Privacy issues
  • Surveillance and data retention
  • Filtering and censorship
  • Anti-file sharing and copyright enforcement policies
  • Network neutrality

While the situation differs from country to country, the basic idea that universal broadband is important for a socially inclusive society is true everywhere. As the peak consumer group representing telecommunications consumers in Australia, ACCAN is pleased to be a partner with Consumers International in this project.

Take the survey now.


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