ACCAN has appointed its Standing Advisory Committee (SAC) members for the next two years until June 2013. ACCAN’s Standing Advisory Committees provide guidance and direction as we work towards available, accessible and affordable communications that enhance the lives of all consumers.

ACCAN would like to thank the current SAC members for their hard work over the past two years. In particular we would like to acknowledge the commitment of those who will leaving the advisory committees at the end of June - Leah Hobson, Lynnden Beaumont, Zel Iscel, Paul Harrison, David Lawson and Heather Weiland. We look forward to continuing to work with these dedicated consumers and wish them every success in their future work.

ACCAN’s receives input on consumer issues via two separate advisory committees in order to identify emerging and systemic communications issues. The Standing Advisory Committee for Disability Issues (SACDI) helps ACCAN identify consumer communications issues for people with disabilities and strategies for dealing with them. The Standing Advisory Committee for Consumer Affairs (SACCA) is a forum that exists to identify consumer communications issues, develop policies and inform strategic directions and campaigns. Both Standing Advisory Committees have provided ACCAN with valuable input during the first two years of operations. We would like to thank all those who put a nomination forward and we would like to congratulate the following successful candidates.

From July 2011, SACDI representatives will be:

  • Kim Curtis (Aboriginal Disability Network)
  • Lachlan Hazelton (Physical Disability Council NSW)
  • Scott Hollier (Media Access Australia)
  • David Parker (Deaf Australia)
  • Nick Rushworth (Brain Injury Australia)
  • Andrew Stewart (Deafness Forum Australia)
  • Denise Wood (University South Australia)
  • Hank Wyllie

From July 2011, SACCA representatives will be:

  • Jo Benvenuti (Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre)
  • Ian Butterworth (Telecommunications Consumers Group SA)
  • Andrew Crouch (Centre for Appropriate Technology)
  • Loretta Kreet
  • Rachael Milfull (Australian Financial Counsellors & Credit Reform Association)
  • Holly Raiche (Internet Society Australia)
  • Victoria Rubensohn
  • John Wood


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