People with complex communication needs, their carers and their friends, can find advice about telecommunications solutions that might work for them from the growing community at the Newell Network. Join the discussion at

Named after the late Rev Canon Dr Christopher Newell AM in recognition of his tireless advocacy work, the Newell Network is a Web 2.0 approach to sharing information among people with limited or no speech, or other complex communications needs, and the people who support them. Contributors can share tips about new and existing telecommunications equipment, ideas and strategies.

Threads (discussions) so far include questions and suggestions about mobile phone models suitable for people with mobility disabilities, videoconferencing systems for people with limited motor skills, and what types of mobile phones are suitable for someone who uses photos and pictures to communicate.

The development of the website was led by Novita Children's Services, and funded by the ACCAN Grants Scheme, with further support from ACE and Telstra. It has been a collaborative effort, supported by people and organisations throughout the country. Its ongoing success will rely on wider input from the community of people interested in telecommunications solutions for people with complex communication needs. Whether you need help, or can help others, we value your input into the website, now and in the future.

Join the discussion at

The reflections on the project from Novita Children's Services and partners are a valuable record of the collaborative potential in a web 2.0 approach to empowering people with disabilities. 

Read the short report here.

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