ACCAN is pleased to announce its Board of Directors for 2010-2011. In accordance with the ACCAN Constitution the ACCAN Board (the Board) will consist of nine (9) elected Directors.

There are three continuing Directors, Kate Obermayer, Michael Fraser and Ross Kelso and two re-elected Directors, Sue Salthouse and Kyle Miers. There are four newly appointed Directors Alex Varley, George Perry, Johanna Plante and Katherine Lane.

The three continuing Directors’ terms conclude at the 2011 ACCAN AGM. The terms of the six candidates elected to the Board in 2010 will conclude at the 2012 ACCAN Annual General Meeting.

ACCAN would like to offer our thanks and gratitude to former ACCAN Directors Heron Loban, Su Robertson, Len Bytheway and Nan Bosler, whose terms concluded at our AGM held in November 2010. We appreciate your valuable contributions to the governance of ACCAN, especially in its first formative two years.

ACCAN would like to thank all members who nominated, endorsed and voted in the Ballot and those who attended our AGM

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